environmental public health engineering, population family planning, social welfare

Environmental and Public Health Engineering, Population, Family Planning and Social Welfare

– Environmental Assessment, Impact Statements
– Urban and Rural Water Supply
– Urban Drainage and Sewerage
– Industrial Waste Disposal
– General Sanitation
– Survey and Recommendation of Improved Health, Family Planning Services Facilities
– Focus Group Discussion
– Market Management
– Cottage Industry Feasibility Study
– Research and Development
– Co-operatives among Rural Poor
– Infrastructure Development Plan
– Development Plan for Medical Education
– Training

The services in the fields, mentioned under serial nos. 1 to 7, cover the entire spectrum of project development and implementation phases including :
– Economic and Engineering Analysis
– Preparation of Master Plan
– Pre-feasibility/Feasibility Studies and Project Reports
– Environmental Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan
– Site Selection, Route Location
– Detailed Design, Specification and Development of Construction Document
– Project Management and Project Control
– Project Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation
– Training
– Operation and Maintenance